Zombie Peepshow: Killer Heels

Kayla Stojek, a.k.a. Zombie Peepshow on Etsy offers the most insane collection of hauntingly hot heels on basically the entire internet.


Exotic “Cyanide” Studded Crystal Fetish Heels. $250+

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Check out her “Catacomb Saint” Jewel and Crystal-Encrusted Wedges…made to order for $495


Connect with your inner Ariel with these Iredescent “Mermaid Island” Crystal Scale Heelless Wedges


These beauties are $260. They’re also made-to-order like the rest.

Maybe fire is more your thing. Metallic Dragon Spike Heels anyone?


I mean, seriously. Wow.

Those are just $195.

This is just a small preview. She seriously has everything! Are you a hardcore horror fan? Then you might want to check out these “Friday the 13th” Jason Spike Machete Pumps! 


She has a five-star review and over a thousand buys, so you know she’s legit. Stop by her shop to see her full collection…she has over 100 selections, all INSANE! kissing-lips-hi


Loves offbeat music and on-beat art. Composer, whisky-lover and horror enthusiast.

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