This Week In Music

Music Releases for Friday July 22nd . Below are our top picks.

Bjork – Vulnicura Live

Heavy Drag – Sabana Ghost

MSTRKRFT – Operator

Faun Fables – Born of the Sun

Dragonforce – Killer Elite

Stephen Marley – Revelation 2 The Fruit of Life

Space Dimension Controller – Orange Melamine

Nedelle Torrisi – Advice From Paradise

The Amazing – Ambulance

Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary

Aevangelist/ Blut Aus Nord – Codex Obscura Nomina

Trust Punks – Double Blind


Born on All Hallow’s Eve with an affinity for things that go bump in
the night; his favorite horror movies include Psycho, Seven, The
Shining, and Silence of The Lambs. His music of choice is edgy,
has brains, a big heart and a giant middle finger.

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