Vintage Hair From Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Having trouble getting enough volume in that beehive? Jealous of Classic Barbie’s fun pony? Then you need a little Rockabilly Ruby in your life!


Photo via Ponyboy

She’ll teach you how to get Betty Grable Pinup Poodle Hair


Or how to create the most amazing Barbie Bangs


Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out a Pageboy?


Now that you’ve got the perfect vintage hair, get the perfect vintage makeup…


If you still can’t get enough, check out her website for information on her beauty school, portfolio and more.

Now give yourself a five-minute Beehive and treat yourself to some burgers and shakes. kissing-lips-hi

Loves offbeat music and on-beat art. Composer, whisky-lover and horror enthusiast.

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