‘Stranger Things’ Premiered on Netflix and People Are Freaking Out

Stranger Thingsis The Goonies, meets Stand By Me, meets Poltergeist, meets E.T. so, people are freaking out.


But really, people are freaking out…




And it’s no wonder. Stranger Things begins like most Netflix originals… with an insanely complicated and engaging story that has just the right amount of OMG moments to force you to keep watching. Without giving much away, the first episode will have you OMGing at Matthew Modine’s appearance…who knew he could be so scary?!


Winona Ryder is an incredible addition as well…she is amazing, and she really adds to the nostalgic feeling of the show.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

The connections between those movies we loved in the past aren’t just “feelings” either. You can see the draw from Twin Peaks in the landscape, soundtrack and even the police interaction.


The focus of the young kids exploring and taking matters into their own hands brings you right back to the world of The Goonies.


We see E.T. in many areas from the scenes of people putting on biohazard suits, to the girl the boys stash in their bedroom just like the beloved Alien.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

This show is like a nostalgia soup– hot and ready… serving up terror, mystery, and childhood memories. Watch it, then watch it again to try to catch all of the blatant throwbacks to these iconic films. It’s like that perfect cheese pizza you loved as a kid. Unexpectedly complex and super filling.

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