Stage Your Own ‘Blood Diner’ With This Incredible Retro Dining Set

Having recently just moved, I have been scouring the internet, local shops, private sellers and more for the perfect retro dining set. It was a tough search.

Amazon had a few seemingly-viable options, but they all had some pretty bad reviews. “Cheap” “unsteady” and “strange” were some of the words describing these options. I was starting to feel like it was a hopeless pursuit.

That is, until I found


For the table and just two chairs, you are looking at a total of about $300, which, for the quality, is a pretty good price. The chairs themselves offer the two-tone colors and that, in my opinion, just makes them more legit. I didn’t see any other options quite as nice as these anywhere else.

You can pick up the table and the chairs, separately in sets of two right now on the Ginny’s website!¬†

Don’t stop there, if you really want to get that authentic diner atmosphere, you’ll need a few more things. This is where Amazon did come in handy.

I picked up this adorable condiment caddy for just $16.99, all pieces included!


Sold by Tablecraft on Amazon

Then I found this adorable retro wall clock…$12.99!


Sold by Westclox on Amazon

Finally, (I had to venture to Ebay for this one), I found a recreation of the Blood Diner¬†movie poster for just $17.38. I ordered the 24×36 since it is going front and center in my dining room, but there are cheaper options available in smaller sizes.



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