Read Until Your Eyes Bleed: ‘A Gathering Of Gore’

Extreme Horror Author Tim Miller (Hell, Texas) has partnered with Dark Erotica Author Bonny Capps, (SNUFF) Horror Author Shaun Hupp, (I Will Make You Love Me) and newcomers Delphine Quinn and Peggy Howes for a short story collection that is sure to cause extreme bleeding.

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From left to right: Tim Miller, Shaun Hupp, and Delphine Quinn. Not pictured: Bonny Capps and Peggy Howes

“A Gathering Of Gore” is described on Amazon as, “a tapestry of blood, death, sex and mayhem. You will see everything from flying spiders to dancing clowns with everything in between.”


Personally, a Horror short isn’t memorable for me unless it takes me by surprise. So much of popular Horror now is so predictable, but the short fiction medium seems to have the ability to really throw some curve balls at the reader/listener. It is what makes it special. This book does not disappoint!

The sex and gore I was ready for, the twisted story-lines and insanely substantial and creative writing, I wasn’t. (Honestly, I wasn’t as familiar as I wanted to be with these incredibly talented authors). Short and sweet, each story delivers its own dose of unexpected terror making the book a quick and engrossing read! The diversity of the writing will keep you turning the pages until you suddenly realize the book is over. That’s my only problem with it, I want MORE!

I’ll definitely be checking out the other offerings from these authors…I’m hooked! If you’re hungry for something new and terrifying to read, pick up a copy for any device, or on paperback on Amazon. You won’t regret it!

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3 Replies to “Read Until Your Eyes Bleed: ‘A Gathering Of Gore’”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this review and everything you said. As a new author, I’ve been incredibly nervous about how my work is received and seeing this made me feel amazing!
    I don’t know if it’s considered bad form to reply on a review, but if it is I apologize. It’s just not in my nature to let something nice happen without showing gratitude. Thank you again! ~DQ

  2. Crap, I messed this up I think. I’m trying again because I’m on my phone.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. As a new author, I’m always worried about how my work will be received, and this was a welcome surprise!
    I’m not sure if it is bad form to reply to a review and if so, I’m sorry. I just don’t like to let awesome stuff like this go by without showing gratitude! Thanks again!

    1. Absolutely!!!!! I’m so glad you liked it! Let us know when you have new stuff, we’d love to read and share! Really enjoyed what we read so far!

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