Nude Sculpture of Donald Trump Stands Today In New York’s Union Square

Two men in red construction helmets and construction dress were seen early this morning planting a nude depiction of Donald Trump in New York’s Union Square.


Photo via Hyperallergic.

The hollow statue isn’t the most flattering depiction of Trump. It features vericose veins, a pock-marked butt, and a micro-penis surrounded by curly, blonde pubic hair.


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According to the Washington Post, the sculpture is titled “The Emperor Has No B—s” and took four months to realize.

The sculpture was removed within hours of its erection, but not before crowds swarmed the artistic statement, flooding social media with proof of its existence. Authorities say they are looking for the culprits, but so far, the only leads are the two mysterious men who dropped of the statue before quickly running off.


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One spokesperson to the Washington Post said it best stating,

“Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment,” an Indecline spokesperson told the Post. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”

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