Killers Find New Life: Sinister Stream Podcast

13344613_1724390034503006_8979890864650663966_nPodcasts have taken the horror genre into new, dark and terrifying places. If you’re anything like me, you’ve wrapped yourself in the horror fiction worlds of The NoSleep Podcast, The Black Tapes Podcast and Limetown Stories (just to name a few).  I became so obsessed with these incredible podcasts, (practically stalking David Cummings on Twitter) that I realized I maybe needed to come up for air before I drowned in the world of frightful fiction.

Luckily I was recently followed by a new and interesting NON-FICTION podcast on Twitter. “Sinister Stream?” I thought as I checked my notifications. A little over an hour later, here I stand, reveling in a state of post-binge bliss.

This podcast RULES.

I’m always one for a good murder mystery, but these genuinely disturbed me. If listening to the REAL killer’s ‘999’ call interests you, then you need to check out episode 2, ‘The Case of Lewis Daynes.’

He looks harmless, right?


What about a couple of serial killers so twisted that even their own children weren’t off limits? Then load up episode 3, ‘Fred and Rose West.’ Don’t they look like the perfect couple?


Excellent story-telling, fantastic resources and information…this podcast was immediately added to my regular rotation. Now’s the perfect time! Set aside an hour and binge the first three just like me. You won’t regret it.

Or will you?

Update: Looks like they just uploaded episode 4! Time to retreat to my cave!

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2 Replies to “Killers Find New Life: Sinister Stream Podcast”

  1. This is a good podcast
    I used to listen to things such as Sword and Scale but i just got tired of the ads, the requests for money etc and how much whining there was. Good shout.

    1. Absolutely! Really impressed at the quality of content on here, and I don’t remember ads if there were any so there’s that!

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