Magnus Hastings: Why Drag?

Photographer Magnus Hastings is taking us into the many words of some of the most glamourous drag queens across America and beyond in his new book, “Why Drag?”


“Growing up in London, photographer Magnus Hastings was an “all-singing, all-dancing child,” as he puts it, who loved to wear his sister’s clothes. But he didn’t fully embrace his passion for drag until 2003, when he visited Sydney’s Arq nightclub and witnessed drag queen Vanity Faire, in a gingham Dorothy dress, lip-syncing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Ever since, Hastings has been photographing drag queens around the world…” via Hyperallergic

The gorgeous photographs give us a glimpse into the diverse, ultra-glam world of drag.


They’re pogniant, insightful, and utterly charming. The subjects really draw you in allowing for a truly immersive experience.


They’re sexy and daring. Each pulling you into a new, detailed, interesting world.



The stories will inspire you. The photographs will amaze you. This is just a small look into this 224 page masterpiece. To snag your own copy, just head to his website. kissing-lips-hi


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