‘Luna’ The Moon light you can take anywhere.


Inspired by the moon’s dramatic and beautiful ambience ‘Luna’ is the light you need every night The moon lantern is available in 7 sizes. If you want to hang Luna on the ceiling, simply install a hook on the ceiling, use a durable string (nylon string is recommended,strong and transparent), pass the cord through the ring on top of Luna and hang it on the hook. The possiblities are endless to enjoy a super full moon every night! Head over to the indiegogo page to grab one for yourself.





Born on All Hallow’s Eve with an affinity for things that go bump in
the night; his favorite horror movies include Psycho, Seven, The
Shining, and Silence of The Lambs. His music of choice is edgy,
has brains, a big heart and a giant middle finger.

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