Listen to Vincent Price’s Full Album Witchcraft-Magic (1969)

Listen in as Vincent Price ghoulishly tells tales of  Witchcraft history, stories, ancient forces and even creepier, the secret Thule society in Germany. Learn of Hecate, the  Greek goddess of  witchcraft, magic,  and necromancy.  She ruled before the biblical birth and condemnation of women through Christianity.
Did you know The Malleus Maleficarum was  written in 1486 and was the official guide of the Catholic church to rid of all witches?  They thought “all witchcraft springs from carnal desire in witch in women is insatiable, and so to satisfy their lust they consort with demons.”

Album Tracks

1. Prologue – The Tale of Master Seth
2. Hitler and Witchcraft – Witchcraft in History
3. Women as Witches – Witch Burning
4. Witch Tortures
5. Witch Tortures (continued) – The World of Spirits and Demons
6. Preparation for Magic – Instruments of Magic
7. How to Invoke Spirits, Demons, Unseen Forces – The Magic Bloodstone
8. The Witches’ Cauldron – How to Communicate with the Spirits
9. How to Communicate with the Spirits (continued) – Gerald Yorke and Necromancy
10. How to Make a Pact with the Devil – How to Become a Witch
11. Curses, Spells, Charms
12. Curses, Spells, Charms (continued) – Potions
13. The Hand of Glory – The Witches’ Sabbat
14. Witchcraft Today – Epilogue


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