Limited Edition Vinyl,Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

 Angelo Badalamenti’s  Fire Walk With Me Theme,
 Available at Mondotees the Director approved artwork and Composer approved audio is now available on 2 x 180G Cherry Pie vinyl.
The Official Track List
Side A
01. Theme From Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me (6:40)
02. The Pine Float (3:58)
03. Sycamore Trees (3:52)
Side B
04. Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do) (7:17)
05. A Real Indication (5:31)Side C
06. Questions In A World Of Blue (4:50)
07. The Pink Room (4:02)
08. The Black Dog Runs At Night (1:45)
09. Best Friends (2:12)Side D
10. Moving Through Time (6:41)
11. Montage From Twin Peaks –
Girl Talk / Birds In Hell /
Laura Palmer’s Theme / Falling (5:27)
12. The Voice Of Love (3:55)

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