Jennifer Yuh Nelson to Make Live-Action Directorial Debut with ‘Darkest Minds’

Jennifer Yuh Nelson became the first woman to direct an animated feature for a major studio without a co-director with “Kung Fu Panda 2.” Now, Indiwire just broke the news that she will be directing her first live-action film with the YA adaption, “Darkest Minds.”


Based on Alexandra Bracken’s trilogy of novels, Darkest Minds “centers around a telekinetic 16 year old in a postapocalyptic America ravaged by a pandemic known as Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration (IAAN). In the series, some survivors of IAAN have developed superpowers and been consigned to internment camps by the government.” via indiewire

FOX is developing the project and is hoping to turn it into a Hunger Games-like franchise.

If you’ve never read the series, check out the book trailer below, and if you know of any badass chicks taking the world of film, music, art, or just the world in general by storm, contact us! We’re always looking for like-minded ladies to feature! kissing-lips-hi

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