Indie Film Review: “BB” From Director C.J. Wallis


BB is a film drenched in fear. From falling in love to full exposure as a webcam girl, we witness a woman take risks, exploring trust in all form in the pursuit of an authentic life, but when all forms of trust are broken, BB leaves you free-falling, stomach in your throat, no solid ground in view.

Actor Jennifer Mae (Leah Lamont/Candy Cummings) immediately draws you in. She’s strong, yet vulnerable which is perfectly emphasized in her costume changes from real, to cam girl life. From the beginning, she is exposed. Her body, her love life and her sex life stand, uncovered to, many times, uncomfortable levels for the viewer.


Actor Jennifer Mae as Leah Lamont/Candy Cummings via screenshot from film

The tell-all nature of Kristian Hanson’s character, (Hal Bowen/Horny Hal) adds authenticity to his part. He perfectly takes in the terror of the film and gives it a human form.

Immediately you are drawn into this world, foreign to many, but so interesting you can’t look away. Where the mystery of the next step in the story keeps you on your toes, I found myself most engrossed in the short, yet powerful moments of raw humanity. What is more frightening? To live your life, never having anyone see who you are, guarding yourself from all others, or to embrace and expose who you are without abandon? Sometimes it is the brightest lights that attract the most bugs.

Overall the film was beyond impressive. Writer/Director C.J. Wallis self-funded the film and managed to pull off incredible quality with a very small crew. I should note that the extraordinary A-list soundtrack compliments the quality of the film, but doesn’t mess with that indie feel we all love.

BB is a twisted story of love and terror that digs to the core of what it means to expose your true self to the world.

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