Halloween Horror Nights Snag The Big Four

Attendees of this year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights are in for a classic fright. It looks like Freddie, Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers are all joining the event promising bigger scares than ever before.

Here’s a sneak peek of Freddie vs. Jason:

Definitely not for the faint of heart. Even scarier for me would be Leatherface. Just the sound of his chainsaw is enough to get me running, so venturing into an enclosed space with him…nope.

Finally, you thought he was finished, but it was just the beginning. Michael Myers is back to provide an added dose of nightmare fuel to the Halloween Horror Nights. Check it out…

Get more info on this year’s event¬†on their website¬†and don’t forget to tweet with #UniversalHHN to get connected to all things associated with this terrifying event. Hope to see you there!


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