Finally, You Can Grow Your Own Grass Armchair

Looking for an environmentally-friendly way to add some comfort to your home? Thanks to Nucleo, a “collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy,” you can grow your own lawn furniture. Doesn’t this look heavenly?


The project Terra v2.0 Growing Furniture appeared for the first time at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2000, and was selected for the XIX Compasso d’Oro as a ‘Product for the Community’ Award in 2001. The project was abandoned in 2005, and now it’s back, and we couldn’t be happier!


Here’s a little of what the website had to say,

The process of consumption of objects in our homes is one which has historically been insensitive.
These objects arrive in our homes as alien spaceships, of which we do not know anything of, and all we learn about them is what they want us to learn. Excluding the interface, these objects reveal themselves to a minimum.
Which is the best way to learn about an object..? Surely to construct it. There is no greater form of intimacy with an object than to be its creator. TERRA! is not a finished product, is an idea; we provide the cardboard frame, the main ingredient, the dirt can be found everywhere on our planet. The armchair will be born in your garden and becomes part of your landscape.

Here’s a what the assembly looks like:

All photos and video were found on their site. Check it out HERE and snag yourself some of the comfiest furniture you could ever grow!


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