Galactic with Macy Gray deliver “Out of this World” performance at Pemberton Music Festival.

Yes we are being punny and playing on words but the New Orleans funk, jam, just bob your head and let yourself go band teamed with Macy Gray to deliver a performance worth packing your bags and heading to Pemberton B.C. to see.
 Along with other notable acts such as Shakey Graves, The Decemberists, Passion Pit, Kid Cudi, The String Cheese Incident, and The Black Keys, Friday night at Pemberton 2015 was alive and full of reasons to take a break from real life and “get off the planet” for the weekend.
Macy ended the stellar night with her classic hit ‘I Try’ .


Born on All Hallow’s Eve with an affinity for things that go bump in
the night; his favorite horror movies include Psycho, Seven, The
Shining, and Silence of The Lambs. His music of choice is edgy,
has brains, a big heart and a giant middle finger.

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