Finally You Get Your Hands On The ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack

Stranger Things premiered, bringing us all back to the “good old days” of film, friends, and film music.

The nostalgic keyboard-heavy throwback to the iconic scores of John Carpenter have inspired thousands of musicians just in the few short weeks the show has been out. Luke Million is one such musician. His extended version of his take on the score received over 100k views in just two days.


Adding to the intrigue? S U R V I V E, the band that seemingly came from nowhere.

Check out THIS INTERVIEW with them.

Now you can finally get your hands on the soundtrack, no youtube ads involved.

The first part is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes.  It will come out in physical form on September 16th, while the second volume will be released digitally on August 19th and physically on September 23rd.

Grab yours and get your nostalgic rock-out on. Oh, and quick tip, if you have an Android device, you can make your ringtone the theme song by downloading the Zedge app for free.

Happy listening.


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