Exclusive Interview – Steel Panther

Exclusive Interview with Steel Panther

By Barbarann Kym

Steel Panther played a sold out, jaw dropping ( and panty dropping)  sextastic performance at Seattle’s ShowBox SODO this month where their live set was just as much metal as it was theatrical debauchery. With face melting riffs, pitch perfect vocals by frontman Michael Starr, the North American
All You Can Eat Tour truly offered dinner and a show,leaving fans hungry for seconds in the
buffet line serving up what can be called the epitome  of Sex , Drugs, & Rock &Roll ( and glitter, lots of glitter).


Onstage antics included depraved comedic interludes, bass player  Lexxi Foxx applying and re-applying layer after glistening layer of lip gloss with his bedazzled hand mirror ( his lips  were slicker than a highway with an overturned KY jelly truck), dancing girls on stage ( I was one of them) and a
sea of female FANthers eager to flash some serious boobage, going to a Steel
Panther show most definitely gives you more bang ( or shall I say “Gang Bang” ?)
for your buck.

After the show, I was invited backstage to hang out with the band, where I was greeted with a very warm ( and  sticky) welcome from Michael Starr, AKA “The Best Singer In Steel Panther”.. I had some burning questions ( no really, it kinda burns when I pee now…Hmmm…) and Mr. Starr was happy to oblige my tongue and cheek (but mostly tongue) Q & A ..

BA: You’ve switched up your stage names over the years.. your current names are much sexier and much more rock & roll. Good call. Any chance you’ll be changing them again in the future?

MS: No way man. The only reason we changed our names in the past was
because of legal issues with managers we had working for us previously.

BA: When you go to the clinic for weekly STD testing, do they give you a punch card. .? Like, every 10th visit, do you get a free pubic lice comb or something?

MS: Haha. I really never run into that problem. The girls I choose to be with are disease free. I have a super sense of smell that enables me to take one smell of a girl and know if she has diseases or not. It’s like having X-Men powers for heavy metal dudes.

BA: Your Seattle tour stop on your  All you Can Eat tour, was nothing short of flawless; do you feel inspired to write new material on the road based on real life experiences on various tour stops? ( that girl from Oklahoma must surely feel special)  Any chance you’ll write a song about the hottest redhead you’ve ever seen in your life,  for your next album *  cough*

MS:Song is already in the bag baby;)

BA: You used to be a hair metal cover band, and now you’re performing your own material. When did you as a group, realize, you were the real deal..as in, an amazing assemblage of artists that has collectively formed the greatest band in the world, highly capable of crafting your own material?
What was the catalyst?

MS: We actually started recording originals long before we got our record deal. But after we got our record deal we realized its time to make the jump from cover to our own music. It’s been a fun ride so far. 

BA: You haven’t aged a day. . What is your secret to looking so amazing ( aside from the unicorn semen and stripper tears that yo moisturize with)?

MS: Face lifts, Botox and face peels

BA: Fuck, marry, Kill: the Golden Girls edition… and  go..

MS :???

BA: Aside from Aquanet, and cheap beer, what’s included in your rider this tour?

MS:No black couches. We always lose our iPhones when there are black couches in the dressing rooms 

BA: If you could choose to endorse any product, what would it  be?

MS:Ray Ban sunglasses. I love them I have  always wore them. But now they are fucking so expensive.

If you wanna rock out with your cock out  ( or jam out with your clam out) , Steel Panther’s ‘All You Can Eat ‘ tour has the remaining shows scheduled below.


5/23 Hampton
Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino

5/24 Portland,
ME The Asylum

5/26 Toronto,
ON Sound Academy

5/27 New
York, NY Irving Plaza

5/28 Pittsburgh,
PA Stage AE

5/29 Cleveland,
OH House of Blues

5/31 Kansas
City, MO Rockfest

6/1 Dallas,
TX Gexa Energy Pavilion

**** VIP Package upgrades are available for FANthers wanting an  extra gooey finger licking good time
For more info : http://steelpantherrocks.com/news/tour-dates/

By Barbarann Kym


Born on All Hallow’s Eve with an affinity for things that go bump in
the night; his favorite horror movies include Psycho, Seven, The
Shining, and Silence of The Lambs. His music of choice is edgy,
has brains, a big heart and a giant middle finger.

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