Callisto Jewelry: Crystals, lore and magic

Whether you are placing them on your altar, wearing them around your neck, or setting them around your home, crystals can bring a little magic to your life. Semi-precious stones are not only gorgeous and valuable in their own right, but many believe them to have healing properties. Not-so-recently (as evident by the large investment I have now made in her gorgeous creations) I stumbled across Callisto Jewelry on Instagram. I believe it was the picture below:

first pic

Immediately, I knew that I had never seen anything quite like this before. The combinations of stones seem to be almost kismet! Delving further into her process, you find that she takes the utmost care in the choice of her stones. Each one is hand-picked and combined with other stones that work symbiotically to bring out beauty and create a story. To emphasize this fact, each is named after a mythical creature or subject, adding to the magic of the piece. My first purchase was the one pictured below on the right. It was titled “The Selkie.”



This piece is a gorgeous flourite crystal set with two shimmering moonstones. To this day I am not sure whether it was the stone or the seller, but it arrived to me in a beautiful (and very safe) package, but the stone seemed to be just a little wet as if it had, itself, just crawled out of the ocean like a selkie.

As if the pendants themselves weren’t enough of a reason to stalk her Etsy shop, each piece has the accompanying crystal lore making a visit both aesthetically and intellectually interesting!

For example, here is the explanation given to the stone Flourite:

“Fluorite is believed to help ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. It is said to be a powerful healer, affecting all the chakras as well as mental attitudes.
It is thought to be excellent for cleansing the aura and is believed to help sever unhealthy cords of energy to other people.
Fluorite is used in channeling as well, and is said to be excellent for connecting to past life memories.
It is believed particularly helpful in aiding communication with spirit guides ~ particularly nature spirits.
It’s often used with other stones to amplify their effects, especially if one is working towards spiritual wholeness, development and inner peace.”

Stones not your thing? She also works with antlers and fossils!




Check out her Etsy Shop  and if you become as obsessed as me, then I’m betting her Thursday shop update will become a weekly appointment for you too.

If you are interested in her technique, check out here website HERE

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