‘Body Keepers’ Film Premiere Event


Tickets are still available for the premiere of ‘Body Keepers’ this Saturday at the AMC Promenade in Denver, Co and Scream Sirens will be there!

Here’s what we’re in for:

A group of teens in a mountain town, during a late night prank, find suspicious activity in a local attraction. They realize recent mysterious deaths in the community trace back to what they discovered. Plagued with nightmares, visions, and unnerving coincidences, the teens struggle with alliances, beliefs and their own personal strengths and weaknesses while reality and love are redefined. Power couple Tanner and Heather, Nerd Brianna, True-hearted Bumbler Jack and Sensitive Jock Tristan aren’t sure what they saw when they broke into a building in the mountains, but they are haunted by the experience. Murder and madness force the teens to act: will they be victims or victors?” -via lulu.com

The film is directed by Shelly Cole and written by Suzan Heglin and Ned Johnston. It stars Trevor Lyons, Austin Allwein and Chantelle Darlena just to name a few.

The red carpet premiere will start with the cast arrival at 6:30 p.m. with the initial showing at 7pm. There will be a second showing after that starting at 9pm. We’ll be at the 7pm showing, so stop by and say hi!

Check out more press on the movie HERE and catch the trailer below! Hope to see you there!

Get your tickets HERE

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