Artist adds Superheroes to Neighborhood Street Signs

Artist Andy Lamb has been pasting up  images of superheroes and crime fighters onto Neighbourhood Watch signs in Toronto. The 30-year-old artist an estimates he has put up about 70 such stickers around the city.


In a recent interview with Vice, Lamb explains:

“The project started in the summer of 2012, after noticing the red centre graphic used on old Neighbourhood Watch signs fade away after years of sun exposure—but the black lettering stays perfectly sharp. So there are all these signs that have become little blank canvases framed with a title, but there is no content. So I started wheat-pasting images of fictional super heroes, crime fighters and do-gooders from my childhood on them.”

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You can find the complete gallery on Lamb’s Instagram page. You can also read the full interview on Vice.

Born on All Hallow’s Eve with an affinity for things that go bump in
the night; his favorite horror movies include Psycho, Seven, The
Shining, and Silence of The Lambs. His music of choice is edgy,
has brains, a big heart and a giant middle finger.

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